Frequently Asked Questions


Question: I would like to finance a loan through AMOCO, how do I go about doing that?
Answer: To apply for AMOCO financing, apply online at your convenience, visit an AMOCO office, or call us at 800.231.6053.

Question: I have a loan financed through another institution. Can I still pay it forward?
Answer: Of course you can! You have the option to refinance a qualifying loan through AMOCO. In doing so, you can request a 1% match of your total loan amount and pay it forward to a participating organization.

Question: My AMOCO loan is complete, and I have selected the participating organization of my choice, now what?
Answer: All you have to do is complete a Pay it Forward notification form and return it to AMOCO within 30 days of booking your loan. Completed forms can be returned to any AMOCO office, faxed to 281-534-5539, or emailed to

Question: Can I choose multiple organizations to benefit from my loan?
Answer: No. Only one participating organization may benefit per individual loan.

Question: How long is this program going on?
Answer: This program will continue until December 2018.